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Need Nutritional Guidance?

Having worked with some of the UK’s leading brands at Hill & Knowlton, London, Vanessa understands that having a Registered Dietitian on your side can help give your product credibility.

Whilst at H&K she worked for The International Journal of Obesity, Boots Healthcare International and Cow & Gate.


She can weigh up the nutritional benefits of a product and translate it into an easy to understand message for the public.

Vanessa can help in pitching for new clients and provide professional nutritional expertise for quotes in press releases.

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Providing professional

nutritional expertise



Previous Clients

Lucre PR used Vanessa to educate the public on the benefits of balanced packed lunches for children for their client Baco.

She acted as a spokesperson for their radio campaign and was quoted in their press releases. used Vanessa as their expert Dietitian to advise on the training diet for the London Marathon.

Slimming World Magazine used Vanessa to provide dietary knowledge on how to eat well at Christmas.

Juvela and The British Dietetic Association used Vanessa to review their written advice to newly diagnosed children with Coeliac disease.